Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2555 - Year : 2009

Fabrication of large naval structures in composite materials by the vacuum infusion process

Patrick PARNEIX, DCNS – Propulsion/CESMAN
Dominique LUCAS, DCNS – Navires Armés Lorient


For roughly ten years, vacuum infusion process assert as a major process for the fabrication of large naval structures, both in the civilian and military fields. After a short chronological account of process used in the naval field, the first part of the paper is dedicated to a detailed presentation of vacuum infusion process. Main interests and limits are then presented: performances, excellent homogeneity and reproducibility, no VOC in the workshop, and moreover capability for very large structures. Questions on the limits of the process are then evocated, leaning on examples of real fabrications or projects in the naval field. Some aspects like environmental products, vacuum influence, holding of dry fabrics or infusion on large height are treated trough DCNS experience. Somme application examples in civilian and military fields are then presented, trying to illustrate different aspects of infusion moulding process.

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