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The next annual conference of the Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique will be held in Paris on October 8th, 2020. The participation to the Conference is free. The conference theme will [...]

BLUEWEEK - Rotterdam (25th to 29th of May 2020)

Following our 2018 edition in Rotterdam and our 2019 edition in Paris, we are glad to announce that the 2020 port of call of the BlueWeek will be again Rotterdam, from 25 to 29 of May. This event will be [...]

NAVAL SCIENCE DAY AT THE NAVAL SCHOOL - Lanvéoc-Poulmic (30th of January 2020)

Speakers from the industrial, academic and institutional worlds share their experiences and reflections on the evolution and innovation of technologies in the field of naval and maritime engineering. Today, the event [...]

International conference on Postgraduate Research - Gdansk (22/23 April 2020)

To obtain the details of the Postgraduate conference and call for paper click here RINA will co-ordinate the expressions of [...]

MEETING ABOUT THE SEA ECONOMY - Montpellier (3rd/4th December 2019

Text in French language - see the French [...]

ICMET - OMAN 2019 (from 5th to 7th November 2019)

The first International Conference on Marine Engineering and Technology (ICMET Oman 2019), organised in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) will be held in the the [...]

NAUTIC BOAT SHOW- Paris (from 7th to 15th December 2019)

From 7th to 15th of december 2019, at the parc des expositions porte de Versailles in Paris, the Nautic boat show is an exhibition dedicated to passionate lovers of all watersports. For more information [...]

Colloquium "Towards unmanned ships and aircraft?" (9 - 10 december 2019)

Colloquium in French, see French [...]

EUROMARITIME 2020 (4th - 6th february 2020)

The next EUROMARITIME exhibition will take place in February 2020 in Marseilles. Euromaritime is emerging as the only professional exhibition to group all the players in the maritime economy. [...]

HIMT 2020 - Athens (4th March 2020)

The HIMT (Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology) Conference on Sustainable and Safe Passenger Ships which will be held on in Athens on 4th March 2020. For more details see the call for papers:   [...]


The 2019 session with main theme Towards a low-carbon maritime economy took place with success on October 8th. The paper texts will be available on the web site soon. Final program [...]

French Maritime Cluster

News in French, see French [...]

ATMA CMF member (French Maritime Cluster)

ATMA joints the CMF French Maritime Cluster For more details and information, see [...]

2018 ATMA General Assembly

The ATMA annual general assembly took place on tuesday May 16th in Paris. The text of the 2017 maritime overview, in French only, is available in Maritime Overview and for the members the Council annual report, in [...]


All the titles and authors of the ATMA papers from the first one in 1890 to now (2714 titles) are available on the site (section Publications/Papers list) and can be ordered on line. The [...]


Book in French language, so see French [...]

FAST 2017 - ATMA Awards

On the occasion of the FAST 2017 Conference that took place in Nantes from 27th to 29th of September, ATMA presented three special awards honouring outstanding scientific works in the field of naval architecture and [...]

ATMA 2018 - 116th annual technical session

The paper summaries and texts are available in Publications/Papers list and the 2017 maritime overview, in French only, in Maritime overview, For non Atma member the texts [...]

ATMA 2017 - 115th annual session

The annual session of the Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique took take place in Paris on October 17, 2017, CCI Ile de France, Porte Champeret, Paris 17, with 65 participants. You will find [...]

ATMA 2016 – 114th annual session

The annual ATMA session 2015 took take place with success on 31st of May and 1st of june in Paris following the hereafter program Session program (in French): [...]

ATMA 2015 – 113th annual session

The annual ATMA session took place with success on 1st and 2nd of June in Paris. The summaries are avalaible in [...]

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