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Numéro : 2552 - Year : 2009

Innovative propulsion for large ships

Laurent BARTH, Converteam SAS
Henri BAERD, Converteam SAS
Lionel JULLIAND, Converteam SAS
David BELLEVRE, Bassin d'Essais des Carènes
François LORIN, Bassin d'Essais des Carènes


After a general introduction about 10 years of back return within design, production and maintenance of MERMAID pod type which are conventional azimuthal propulsors, the authors present now the industrial approach launched by CONVERTAM SAS, with the technical support of hydrodynamic experts from Bassin d‘essais des carènes, in order to develop an improved concept pump-jet pod (PPH) covering a range of power between 7 MW up to 19 MW (INOVELIS project) This paper explains also the avantages provided by the PPH type azimuthally propulsor which concept has been previous patented by Alstom SAS (Chantiers de l’Atlantique), in regard to the performances and the compacity. In addition, it is exposed that those excellent intrinsic propulsive performances will contribute at least to save the fuel consumption booked for the ship propulsion and to improve the comfort on board, when compared with conventional propulsor. In the same way, the INOVELIS project has retained several electro-technical solutions, in particular, the induction type engine and the MLI frequency type convertor, which are described with their own benefit Propulsion innovante pour grands navires From the hydrodynamic point of view, a technical synthesis showing the main results obtained by the Bassin d’essais des carènes to simulate the working conditions of the PPH through numerical modelling in 3D in particular under axial and manoeuvring flow conditions. Those informations are considered by CONVERTEAM SAS as leader for making use of PPH, very essential input data to design the different mechanical components forming the PPH. Mechanical design is performed by DCNS, which is the partner of CONVERTEAM for the development of the complete range of PPH products. In complement to the 3D calculations, the Bassin d’essais des carènes presents the main results obtained through experimental tests on model in cavitation tunnel (GTH and CERG) and then in towing tank which have been conducted mainly for CONVERTEAM SAS in relation ship with the shipbuilders Those experiments make possible a validation of the intrinsic performances and then the applied loads firstly estimated through the numerical approach by aid of FLUENT as Navier-Stokes modelling routine which is dedicated to simulate instationnary flows The good reliability between the numerical and experiment results is then demonstrated

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