Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2538 - Year : 2008

Protector, unmanned surface vehicle (USV)

Mr. Shaike MAROM, RAFAEL (Israel)


International Autonomous Surface Symposium (ASSS 2008)

Rafael's Protector is a naval system based on unmanned surface vehicle (USV). Remotely controlled and highly autonomous, Protector is able to conduct a wide spectrum of maritime missions, mainly in the littorals. Although primarily designed for defence and maritime security application, the Protector is suitable for wide array of civil applications as well.

Rafael, Advanced Defence Systems Ltd., has been investing in the development of USV technology for several years. A spiral development process, going through several generations of the product and implementing improvements based on lessons learned during field operation, has resulted in the currently available and mature Protector System

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