Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2523 - Year : 2008

Low speed two stroke engines for the merchant marine

Ole GRØNE, MAN Diesel A/S, Low Speed, - Copenhagen (Denmark)


The last three years have witnessed an unprecedented order intake for ocean going ships. Particularly large container vessels, oil and gas tankers and bulk carriers have been ordered in so far unseen numbers and with increasing capacity. Such vessels are usually powered by a single low speed diesel engine, with its output power and rpm tailored individually to the needs of the individual ship designs. While these engines are primarily being built where ships are built, now predominantly in East Asia, the development of these remain on few hands in Europe. This paper will outline how one designer has developed its low speed two stroke engine programme within a unit power bracket from 2 MW to nearly 100 MW to cater for changing market demands both with a view to efficiency, acceptability and environmental demands.

This paper is written in English

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