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Numéro : 2664 - Year : 2014

The AQUO project

Christian AUDOLY, DCNS Research
Céline ROUSSET, DCNS Research
Eric BAUDIN, Bureau Veritas


Recent studies outline the need to reduce the underwater acoustic environmental impact of maritime traffic, in order to protect marine life. Within this context, le final objective of AQUO Project is to provide solutions to policy makers, in accordance with the MSFD « Marine Strategy Framework Directive » adopted in 2008 by the European Commission. The different proposed solutions, which will take into account advice from stakeholders of the maritime domain, will be of two types, on one hand design recommendations for future vessels, and on the other hand solutions related to traffic control and regulation.

AQUO is a collaborative research project, coordinated by DCNS Research, supported by the 7th Framework Program under grant N°314227, in response to the call FP7-SST-2012-RTD-1 “Transport”. The consortium is composed of representatives on ship industry, specialized companies, one classification society and research centres. The team includes specialists covering the different topics addressed in the project, allowing a multidisciplinary approach.

During realization, the project will use different methods and means adapted for the assessment of the efficiency of the noise mitigation solutions, in order to select the most appropriate:

• A simulation tool allowing to predict the underwater acoustic impact of maritime traffic, interfaced with AIS data, by adapting an existing system,

• Specific bio-acoustic studies conducted on different marine species representative of European maritime areas, with the objective to define acceptable noise criteria on the biological point of view,

• Numerical and scale model experiments in order to predict noise radiated by propellers, including cavitation and propeller-hull interaction phenomena,

• Several vessels, including commercial vessels, will be tested at sea. The project will benefit from the strong expertise of the consortium regarding ship noise and vibration issues.

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