Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2441 - Year : 2004

Development of deep sea oil recovery systems

Loïc des DÉSERTS, DORIS Engineering – Paris (France)


Marine pollution induced by the shipwrecks occurring in the vicinity of the shorelines become more and more important with regard to the environment and to the public opinions. Recent examples have shown that the industry could be short of ready made solutions to immediately solve the problems induced by the presence of large oil inventories in wrecks resting in large water depths. By reviewing the solutions that were used or proposed for the most recent real cases, it has been possible to propose new solutions that would be adaptable to larger water depth than those already contemplated.

The solutions contemplated are of two different natures: by continuous pumping of the oil trapped in the shipwreck from the sea bottom towards the surface, by discontinuous removal using a shuttle system that will be filled up with oil on the seabed lifted up to the surface and emptied into a tanker vessel.

The paper here below describes the solutions foreseen today that would allow the overcome of these challenges.

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