Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2704 - Year : 2016

Validation of a quick method for the estimation of the ship propulsion performances

Arthur SEVERE, DCNS (Lorient - France)

Romain HURET,Luc BORDIER, DCNS Research SIRHENA/MSH (Nantes - France)

Evaluation of ship propulsion performances is a fundamental activity of naval hydrodynamics. To date, this task was based on empirical formulations tuned with respect to previous ships, then on model tests campaigns in towing tank, and finally on full-scale sea trials. Because of the need for reductions in delay and cost of naval projects, DCNS tested and validated a new numerical method for evaluating ship resistance and propulsion, to be used between preliminary evaluation methods and model tests.

It is a fast method dedicated to preliminary design phases. It is based on a joint use of a finite volume method, for the evaluation of the flow around the hull and appendages, and a potential flow method, for the evaluation of the propeller performance characteristics.

The approach for validating this method was to reproduce towing tank tests at model scale for a number of ships with different designs. The results obtained show a very good agreement with model tests results, compatible with preliminary design needs, which opens new perspectives in these design phases.



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