Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2319 - Year : 1999

Panneau sandwich acier: substitut avantageux du panneau raidi ?

Tanguy QUESNEL, Institut de Recherches de la Construction Navale


The paper presents astate of the art about new steel panels with possible applications in shipbuilding. These new panels are based on the sandwich principle. This paper establishes an assessment ofvarious products that are currently used or being developed. Through this state of the art, some indications will be given about manufacturing and operational behaviour investigations.

After this state of the art, a first assessment of the interest of sandwich structural panels in shipbuilding is established. Indeed these panels are attractive but nowadays some aspects are not well controlled such as in particular the technological assembling methods in the ship structure. So, some knowledge about these steel sandwich structures should be acquired before evaluating the possible future of these sandwich panels in shipbuilding. However, today, we can point that these panels have a good potential because of their improved specific flexural stiffiless which in its turn induces good buckling strength and increases the eigen mode fIequencies of these panels.

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