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Numéro : 2317 - Year : 1999

Pride Africa, a new generation of dynamic positioning drilling ship for water depth of 10000 feet

Olivier de BONNAFOS


We are pleased to present in the following our project Pride Africa ,fust unit of a new generation of dynamically positionned drillsbips 4esigned for a water depth of 10 000 fi (3048 rn) .

In the presentltion , we bave tried to outline the aspects where our project difers from those of the competitors .

As ofnow ,the fust of ourtwo drillsbips has been delivered on May 14th 1999 ,one

day in advance on the contractual date ,the second is afloat and wi11 be delivered on

September 30tb of the same year.

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Shipping: 8 days

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