Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2315 - Year : 1999

Le navire câblier Fresnel de France Telecom

M. Joseph LEVREL, Chef du Département Navires Unité des Opérations Marines France Télécom -Réseaux et Services Internationaux
M. Yves MARTIN, Société D2M


Before starting a complete presentation of the cable ship FRESNEL, it appeared interesting to recall firstly a brief history of the submarine telecommunication cables. When the coaxial submarine cable become obsolete, the optical fibbers have allowed an enormous capacity of transmission trough a submerged network all over the oceans. In the next future of 1999-2003, the performance will reach a capity of 1,28 Terabits equivalent to several millions ofvoices ! The Marine Operation Unit of France Telecom intend to develop its contribution to the international market of submarine system installations with the support of the new cable ship Fresnel. The Fresnel is a multi purpose vessel who is fitted with a modular system of cables tanks and machineries quite suitable for laying and burying long distances of submarine cables. Alternatively, the vessel could be demobilised in the shortest time and operated as a very Large Platform Supply Vessel. The cable ship Fresnel with her four modules on the cargo deck will be the major subject of the second part of the presentation.

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