Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2314 - Year : 1999

The model basin FIRST

M. Jean-Claude DERN, Océanide/frirst


Exploration and production of oil and gas in 1 500 up to 3 000 m water depth is now under study by petroleum companies.

This is a real challe~ge compared to the existing offshore facilities which are installed in water depth of 500 meters or less. The new deepwater offshore basin "EGO FIRST" meets the requirements of waves and current for the testing of offshore structures in deep water conditions. EGO FIRST is fully operational since July 1998. Located in La Seyne/Mer (Var) in the south of France, EGO has the unique capabilities, in France, to perform the test of offshore structures in deep water under the combined action off waves and current.

Many tests have been carried out in order to evaluate the basin and to optimise its operation. Some tests results are given overleaf to illustrate the capabilities of EGO. Some test results obtained during commercial tests are also given. Horizontally moored offshore structures (FpSO, TLP) with vertically moored components (such as hybrid riser tower) need not only deep water modelling but also modelling of large horizontal dimensions. Only hybrid modelling allows a realistic study of the structures. Some examples of the hybrid modelling used in the EGO are given.

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