Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2713 - Year : 2017

Fatigue and inspections of offshore structures

Michel BIRADES, Total, CSTJF, Avenue Larribau (Pau - France)

Laurent VERNEY,  Bureau Veritas, Marine & Offshore (Paris La Défense - France)

The prioritization of underwater inspections for offshore fixed structures considers the consequence of a failure, fatigue assessment and the results of previous inspections. Therefore fatigue analyses have a significant weight in this prioritization and calculations during the lifecycle of the platform must now include: the different phases of operations, the cleaning of marine growth and the evolution of calculation techniques for the fatigue of tubular welded connections. This article presents the experiences of TOTAL and BUREAU VERITAS for lifetime extension and discusses the influence of marine growth thicknesses and more generally parameters governing fatigue reassessment.

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