Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2720 - Year : 2017

CFD tool development for evaluation of the submarine manoeuvrability performances

Matthieu MÉLICE, Damien SZUBERT, Romain LUQUET, DGA Techniques hydrodynamiques – SDT/ES/DEP DYNA (Val de Reuil - France)

In submarines projects, the hydrodynamics domain is evaluated more and more in advance in early design stages. Model tests setup at these stages is complicated and not adapted because the submarine shape is still perceptibly evolving and the fulfillment period is prohibitive.

The CFD advent as expertise means allows DGA Hydrodynamics to evaluate the main performances at these stages in a quicker, more economical and more relevant way.

As part of these studies, the determination of free sailing trajectories including transient and permanent behaviors is provided by using numerical six degree-of-freedom simulations combined with the management of the mesh deformation during planes movements in the computation and with an autopilot.

The article presents the adopted approach, the adopted hypothesis, the results compared with sea trials and free running model tests and the application domains.


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