Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2721 - Year : 2017

Development of a next generation of submarine autonomous free running models dedicated to the expertise of the manoeuvrability performances

Marc DARQUIER, Marine LEGENDRE, Didier FRECHOU, Laurent DEMAISON, Ludovic ALLO, Alain LAMARA, Fabrice LEGRAND, Clément ROUSSET, DGA Techniques Hydrodynamiques - (Val de Reuil - France)

The object of the report is to present the last developments of the new generation of an autonomous free running submarine model dedicated to quantifying the maneuvering performances of submarine in immersion and the surface. Firstly, we describe all the embedded equipment and their associated performances: motorization of the shaft line, actuators for hydroplanes, trim and ballast system, the measuring instruments (3 component Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, angle and stock torque transducers, attitudes and trajectory of the model…); as well as the recovery system to counter potential damages of the model operation. Lastly, this memory presents some examples of tests of maneuverability and analysis of the results of these tests aiming at expertise of stability in the horizontal and vertical plane, of the performances of gyration and of recovery of a stern plane jam.


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