Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2739 - Year : 2019

Critical analysis of the stability model tests performed at the French model basin in the years 50: Modern bringing, complement and interest

Jean-François LEGUEN, Paul CREISMEAS, Hélène DARTOIS - DGA TH - Val de Reuil (France),

Jean Yves BILLARD, Isabelle DELUMEAU - Ecole Navale , IRENAV - Lanvéoc (France)

In 50’s some reports of “Bassin d’essais des carènes” talk about experiments about the stability domain. The analysis of these reports shows that the same problems worried engineers as now.  Stability failure mentioned in these reports ate the same as those in the scope of IMO in Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria.  Those reports are reanalysed and results compare quite well with modern results simulation.



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