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Numéro : 2754 - Year : 2020

Essential Services Unit powered by hydrokinetic turbine

Maguelonne CHEVALLIER LOUBELO - Association Pot@maï, Déléguée Générale, Cerbère (France)

David ADRIAN - SARL L'Aquaphile, Dirigeant


Because of energy poverty and lack of food storage and processing means, Congo suffers from a strange paradox: altough the country is full of agricultural ressources (land, sun, water), people are dependant on 75% importated food, living with food insecurity. However a solution flows at heart of Central Africa: Congo River and its basin are full of energy and could provide water and electricity needs for the people.

The Essential Services Unit (ESU) powered by hydrokinetic turbin transforms water and energy of the river into clean water and energy in order to improve livelihood and to create local and sustainable economic activities (such as agricultural, artisanal, fishing or social activities). Hydrokinetic floating turbine produces 10 to 15 kW, 24h/24 during all the year (about 110 MWh per year). ESU transforms electricity produced into products and services useful and affordable for the people living neareby (about 5000 persons per ESU). A local company manages and ensures the maintenance of the site. The site becomes a place of vocational training for young craftsmen, fishermen and farmers.

The first ESU will be implemented in 2020, a second one in 2021. The innovation will then scale up with implementation of 10 ESU per year and local construction of the hydrokinetic turbin.


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