Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2756 - Year : 2020

The Digital Twin in the Marine & Offshore Industry

Jose ESTEVE - Bureau Veritas Marine&Offshore – Operational Excellence Dpt. – Paris (France)


Nowadays the term “Digital Twin” is seen very frequently in presentations, teasers and brochures. But what does it really imply? The proposed paper will look at the different proposals of “Digital Twin” that can be seen currently promoted for the Marine & Offshore industry and try to clarify the differences between them, both in content and their expected purpose. As a point of reference Bureau Veritas will present their proposed meaning to “Digital Twin”, illustrated by their initiatives around Asset Integrity Management and 3D Digital Classification.

The author does not attempt to be exhaustive in all the possible uses of “Digital Twin” but expect to cover a sufficient range and points of comparison to help the readers to evaluate if a “Digital Twin” fits their needs better than another “Digital Twin”

This paper is written in English


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