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Numéro : 2233 - Year : 1994

RAMS control in projects

A. DELAGE, Coordinateur des Ingénieurs Qualité à la Direction des Etudes RENAULT -SA Président du Collège « Management »de l'ISdF (Institut de Sûreté de Fonctionnement)


Everyone waits for products as safe, available, reliable as possible, under "reasonable" use and maintenance costs. How can we specify, build, manage those "RAMS characteristics", instead of being submitted to imposed technical choices ?

Since the fifties, the practice or RAMS in aerospace and nuclear industries gave us a "tools-box" to build RAMS characteristics, from FMECA to the most sophisticated technics. But this tool-box wi11 be of little use, if RAMS management is not clearly integrated in the general project management process.

It means particularly that :

-RAMS goal are pertinent and demonstrable,

-RAMS activities (specification, analysis, modelling, validation,...) are integrated in project

organisation and milestones,

-RAMS methods and tools are appropriated by the actors of the project,

-efficient systems are implemented for return of experience and risk management

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