Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2640 - Year : 2013

Autonomous subsea station for storage and injection of chemical products

Jérémy THIL, DORIS Engineering – Département Subsea
Gabriel BEAUDONNET, DORIS Engineering – Département Subsea
Luc RIVIERE, TOTAL E&P – R&D Deep Offshore
Guillaume DELAËTER, TOTAL E&P – R&D Deep Offshore


More and more deep water developments are based on the operation of fields called "marginal". Such fields, which do not justify a dedicated surface platform, are therefore connected to already existing surface facilities that may be located at tens of kilometers away from the field. The challenge is to ensure the economic viability of the exploitation of these fields, and this induces a decrease in the installation costs. After explaining in more detail the context of the study and the requirements that the autonomous underwater station for storage and injection of chemicals must meet, this paper will explain the general concept of the station and will cover some details regarding some innovative and / or critical subsystems for the development. This study has demonstrated that choosing an autonomous subsea station for chemical storage and injection instead of a classical field development can be profitable for a wide range of configurations depending on the type of field (oil or gas), the water depth, the distance between the field and the surface facility or on the production profile.

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