Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2215 - Year : 1993

Cavitation on non ducted propellers

R. LEGENDRE, Ingénieur Général de l'Armement, Membre de l'Académie des Sciences, Vice-Président de l'ATMA


First, the usefulness of cavitation study is evaluated for various kinds of ships. Then the basic effect of a steam bubble implosion is underlined. For unducted propellers a separation at the tip is unavoidable and it extends to a part of the leading edge. It is the starting line of an eddy, rolling up, revolving very quick1y, the axis of which is depressed and generate cavitation, a1ready, at moderate ship speed. The propellers may receive an air and water emulsion, the effect of which is not specified. At last, some convenient means to postpone cavitation are suggested.

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