Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2117 - Year : 1990

Instrumentation and modelling of a trimaran made of composite materials.

T.BERNERD, Assistant, L’école Navale Lanvéoc-Poulmic
O.BERNIER, Eleve-Ingenieur, Ecole Centrale Paris, Stagiaire à L’IFREMER -Centre de Brest
P CHAUCHOT, Chef du Service Structures. L’IFREMER -Centre de Brest


Within the researches lead on the behaviour of structure’s made of composite materials, and moving in Open seas ( research On materials all computatio1lal means ), IFREMEI has carried on strain gages measurements campaigns On the F40 trimara1l “Biscuits Caltreau“ The measurements supplied by some series of static loadings ( on shore ) and dynamic loadings ( sailing conditions ) have been qualified a1ld sorted.

Besides, two finite element models have been developed ( the first one represents a half of the boat, the second one corresponds to the arm/float connection).

The measurements analysis and the correlatio1l with the computed results lead us, on one hand to specify a general methodology of instrumentation required for this type of study, and on the other hand to gather interesting in formations On the behaviour of the boat, the maximum stresses that it is subjected to, and the materials used for its construction.

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