Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2043 - Year : 1987

On hydrodynamic optimization of RIDGELT-NEVITT's fishing vessel hull series

P. CASSELLA, Full Professor,
A. PACIOLLA, Associate Professor, of the Department Naval Engineering at the University of Naples, Italy


The resistance data obtained by model tests for a fishing vessel hull series are presented by Ridgely-Nevitt as residual resistance coefficient CR. In the present paper the authors present the above data as volumetric total resistance, coefficient C V referred to, a standard volume of 100 m3; such representation ~s the most suitable to Judge the hull performance.

Then a regression analysis has been carried out in order to obtain for the series an effective power prediction more reliable than that one witch can be found out using statistical formulae based on a large spread of hull


The reported polynomial expressions are an important tool for the fishing vessel designer, because generally the model test are not performed on such type of vessels due to cost reasons.

Moreover, the above referred relations in graphical or in analytical form can be utilized to obtain both the service speed as a function of the prismatic coefficient Cp and of the volume based length L/V , and the best hull form from the hydrodynamic resistance point of view.

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