Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2034 - Year : 1987

Contribution to the study of the merchant ship behaviour at sea

P. RICO, Ingénieurs contractuels, Bassin d'Essais des Carènes de Paris


A process for the acquisition of ship motions and sea-state data is presented.

This method performs the real time acquisition of heave, pitch , roll and corresponding sea-state data.

The process is specially designed for commercial ships and does not constrain normal commercial navigation.

This process was employed during a commercial voyage of the Fort Fleur d'Epée, a container-ship belonging to the Compagnie Générale Maritime, between France and the Antilles.

This paper discusses a test of this process onboard the Fort Fleur d'Epée, and presents the results obtained.

Finally, the results are compared with towing tank experiments and seakeeping calculations performed for the same ship.

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