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Numéro : 1970 - Year : 1984

Marine structures safety: techniques and difficulties

HUYNH DUC BAU, Ingénieur Civil du Génie Maritime , Ingénieur au Bureau Veritas *
L. GILLET, Ingénieur Civil du Génie Maritime, Ingénieur au Bureau Veritas * * Cet article, exprimant des opinions personnelles, n'engage que leurs auteurs.


Safety concepts are inherently subjective and fraught with passionate understanding. This natural state of affairs results in significant difficulties which are further compounded by the self imposed restrictions in

terms of efficiency, cost related safety objectives or accepted levels of risks incurred.

The paper deals with the concepts and techniques in current use for the design of marine structures. Attempts are made to underline the unicity of the mathematical tools based upon the theory of stochastic pro

cesses as applied to structural design, optimization, or to more recent disciples such as filtering and optimal control.

The difficulties encountered are duly analyzed and suggestions made for a more systematic use, through Bayesian and fuzzy sets techniques, of professional and engineering judgement in the decision making process.

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