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Numéro : 1957 - Year : 1984

Trihedral coastal structures for wave-energy extraction.

A.CLEMENT, Docteur- Ingénieur en Hydrodynamique Navale
M. SPIRIDAKIS, Docteur- Ingénieur en Génie Océanique Laboratoire d’Hydrodynamique Navale ENSM- Nantes


In a previous communication we presented experimental data an wave energy extraction by a device constituted of an inclined plane exposed to the wave breaking. The water spilling over the top of the slope is impounded in a tank and drives low-head turbines when returning to the sea. We present now the results obtained when convergent dihedron are added an the slope. This configuration is shown to improve the flow over the top of the device when the steepness of the incident waves is low.

The influence of the following parameters an the hydrodynamic efficiency is shown: The slope of the basis, the angle of the dihedron, the waves characteristics (wave number, steepness). The analysis of these new data enables us to find the optimal geometrical parameters set.

A cost estimation of the electric energy delivered by a wave powered pilot an Maré island (New Caledonia) was done an the basis of the general formulas derived from the experimental data. This study shows that wave energy could represent an alternative solution far electricity generation an such isolated oceanic islands.

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