Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2604 - Year : 2011

Ship motions on wave predictions in view of marine operations

Loïc BOUDET, Hervé DISPA, DGA Techniques hydrodynamiques
Alain NEDELLEC, DCNS – Hydrodynamique


Landing operation, drone deployment… require a perfect stability of the ship in roll, in pitch and in heave. Being able to predict quiescent periods of ship motions would make the operations safer and extend the operational limits, because there is a risk of collision during such operations. That’s why it is necessary to predict the motions of the two ships or the best time at which these operations can be realized (quiescent period). This study presents two methods; the first, allowing predicting ship motions up to 5s-10s ahead thanks to the observations of the past ship motions, is based on linear regression methods. The second, more innovative, whose aim is to characterize and predict the ship quiescent period, with a prediction horizon of 60s, uses a multi-resolution analysis. Sea trials off the coast of Belle-Ile, conducted at the end of 2010, complete this study. During these trials, conducted within a European Defence Agency project (“Quiescent Period Prediction”) and funded by DGA, three fixed buoys, one free-rider buoy, one X-band radar with WAMOS® system are deployed.

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