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Numéro : 2603 - Year : 2011

Equipment for launching and recovery of small boats



DCNS has developed in collaboration with BOPP, a French provider of mechanical and hydraulic equipment, a new stern small boat launch and recovery system. The system is meant to be installed on the new generation of Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) currently under construction at DCNS Lorient shipyard and on the Offshore Patrol Cutter proposed to the US Coast Guard. The objectives of this system are to provide quick and safe launch and recovery procedures and an enhanced operability range relatively to other similar systems.

The test phase of the system was initiated in 2009 with a series of full scale trials performed on a tug boat. This was followed by model testing at the Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands (MARIN). The system was installed on the up-to-date 285ft (85m) OPV design. Based on these successful model test results, the feasibility of stern boat launch and recovery in various combinations of sea states, wave directions and ship speeds has been assessed.

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