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Numéro : 2602 - Year : 2011

Shipbuilding in la Seyne-sur-Mer from 1914 to 1966

Jean-Pierre GUIOL, Ingénieur ENSAM, Membre émérite de l’Académie du Var, Membre de l’ATMA et de l’AAMM


Two famous inventors, Claude JOUFFROY d’ABBANS (1751-1832) and Robert FULTON (1765-1815), U.S., have inspired the three former shipbuilders pioneers on La Seyne-sur-mer site : Joseph Antoine LOMBARD (1756-1845), Edward CHURCH (1779-1845), U.S. and Robert TAYLOR (1786- 1845), U.S. The three died the same year.

Their fabulous heritage has been displayed on the cradle of the F.C.M., through two genious leaders of this young company : Emperor NAPOLEON III (1808-1873) and Armand BEHIC (1809- 1891).The first generation of illustrious managers was born with DUPUY de LÔME (1816-1885), Gustave ZEDE (1825-1891) and Noël VERLAQUE (1820- 1894).

During their long career, they developed a spirit of progress well maintained through their bright successors, Amable LAGANE (1836-1910), RIMBAUD (1862-1936) and LARZILLIERE (1881-1970).

Although the dreadnought building finishes in a point, that was lucky for them that they go straight to the launching of prestigious liners. Their faith in the future remained intact till the French shipbuilding decline. No doubt that it is my duty to remember their history in order nobody forget their example.

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