Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : 2599 - Year : 2011

Current turbine new concept: integration studies at sea

Romain LUQUET, DGA– Techniques hydrodynamiques
Pierre PERDON, DGA– Techniques hydrodynamiques
Didier FRECHOU, DGA– Techniques hydrodynamiques
Paul GUINARD, Guinard Energies
Gaël GOUJON, Le Gaz Integral


The Guinard Energies Company studies a new current turbine design with a ducted rotor. The project has tended toward couples of water turbines fixed on an arm free to rotate round a vertical axis fixed on the sea-floor. This couple of turbines can direct itself in the current direction allowing optimized capture of hydrokinetic energy, without any trade-off between flood and ebb (the water turbine can be asymmetric and, thus, fully optimised). In this context, the priority work given to DGA Hydrodynamics was to develop a design of generator which presents the optimal efficiency for the largest operating range and a minimal size. This work was a part of a previous communication. The work presented here deals with a test campaign in a towing tank and a wave tank that has been undertaken to get information on the stability and the loss of efficiency of the couple of turbines working in simultaneous current and waves condition, as well as the ability of the system to swivel head to the current direction. All those investigations show the relevance of this new concept of couple of current turbines able to deliver power with high efficiency.

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