Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-112 - Year : 2013

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Number 112. Year 2013

2630 - In memory of Hervé Chéneau

2631 - Looking for new oil and gas reservoirs in deep sea

2632 - Development logic of the tidal energy convertors fields

2633 - Submarine gas blowout: tests / calculations comparison

2634 - Fatigue and meteo on large containerships

2635 - IP migration of the radiocommunication coastal stations

2636 - Methodology of quick estimation of cyclic fatigue behaviour in a confined plastic zone: application to welded joints for shipbuilding

2637 - Multifunctional composite materials for military naval applications

2638 - Conversion matrix: how to post-treat local measurements to evaluate the global loads

2639 - Evaluation of the non linear effects on design bending moment: comparison of the design wave and design sea state approaches

2640 - Autonomous subsea station for storage and injection of chemical products

2641 - Calculation of the ultimate strength of a FPSO transverse rig and of the induced residual stresses by repairs

2642 - Feedback on the propulsion dual fuel diesel electric of LNG

2643 - FLNG tank inspection

2644 - CMA-CGM Marco Polo, a ultra large containership respecting the environment

2645 - In-service ship energy efficiency – BUREAU VERITAS SEEMP notation

2646 - Role and missions of the French inland water control organisms within the European framework

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