Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-93 - Year : 1993

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 93. Session de 1993

2202 - Exploitation and production cycles

2203 - Statistical data for the design of merchant ships relative to the period 1980-1990

2204 - Influence of welding effects on the lateral shock strength of ship shell structure

2205 - Feasibility of a neutral database for shipbuilding: NEUTRABAS

2206 - Performance predictions for conventional ships

2207 - Towards sophisticated and safe navigation contribution of classification societies

2208 - SAFENAV, a ship behaviour monitoring system

2209 - A contribution to the methodology of optimisation through fitting and equipping of work areas and crew living quarters, onboard commercial fishing vessels

2210 - Recent developments in the conception, the construction and the operations of the integrated cargo tanks of Gaz Transport membrane type LNG carriers

2211 - Reliability criteria applied to the assessment of longitudinal strength of ship

2212 - On the extreme bending moment long term prediction

2213 - Research on a new type of shock damping structure which can be applied to double hull ships

2214 - Abstract productivity & modularity

2215 - Cavitation on non ducted propellers

2216 - On cavitation or screw-propellers in non-axial flow

2217 - Similarity and simulation in aerodynamic

2218 - Tests of a free running model in a towing tank: a new method for studying the manoeuvrability of a submarine

2219 - PACHYDERME: the automatic identification applied to submarines manoeuvrability

2220 - Diesel engine exhausted gas emissions and their reduction

2221 - Expert system for a diesel engine supercharging circuit

2222 - Modularity applied to the propulsive systems of surface ships technical and economic considerations

2223 - Epicyclic marine gears for fast ship propulsion systems

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