Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-91 - Year : 1991

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 91. Session de 1991

2143 - Sea-trials of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier crewed model

2144 - Stabilisation system and manoeuvring procedures for the future French nuclear aircraft carrier

2145 - Piloting integration and aid system for the deck landing for the on board planes

2146 - Shipborne helicopters deck landing in full safety: the grid-harpoon system

2147 - Parametric studies in the improvement of the resistance of SWATH

2148 - MELINA, a finite element code for the external problem, application to naval hydrodynamics

2149 - Unfurling of a sheet from a lifting surface leading edge -airplane wing or propeller blade

2150 - Modelling of partially cavitating flows using a potential based method

2151 - Parametric transformation of the hull forms: a step toward the numerical optimisation of the hull line drawing

2152 - On the use of weighting windows in spectral interpolation methods: applications to some hydrodynamic phenomena.

2153 - Results of GM-meter using on ferries passengers ships

2154 - Stability operating manuals for passenger ships, fishing ships

2155 - A semi-stochastic approach to the problem of the longitudinal strength of ships

2156 - Analysis of scantling formulae for sub-marine shells by a probabilistic method

2157 - Comfort and savings on passengers ships owing ta resilient mounting of medium speed engine for propulsion

2158 - Reduction of noise and vibrations due to propellers and propulsion engines experience of Chantiers de l'Atlantique

2159 - IMO stability criteria for ridgely-Nevitt fishing vessels

2160 - Ergonomics in the development of a fishing vessel building project

2161 - Analysis of rule designed fishing vessels in fibre reinforced plastics

2162 - HUBLOT: a computer-aided design tool for small ships

2163 - Hydrodynamic tools applied to small ships design

2164 - Preliminary results from an expert system for fishing vessel design

2165 - A modern tool to evaluate the effective power of a fishing vessel

2166 - Impact on the shipbuilding process of a new hold subdivision and automation system for fishing vessel

2167 - Composite material piping systems on board fishing vessel: conditions of use –testing

2168 - Routing merchant ships with the on-board AIDCOM 2 software.

2169 - JUMBOISATION of cross-channel passenger ships

2170 - SPONSONS application to passenger ships: a case study

2171 - Manufacturing of NES 24 surface effect ship structure

2172 - Cavitation erosion behaviour of various types of CU-AL polyphases alloys

2173 - Fire behaviour of composites materials with or without flame barriers

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