Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-86 - Year : 1986

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 86. Session de 1986

1999 - The world classification society paper

2000 - Collision ship strength analysis

2001 - Ship hull beam free frequencies calculation by a mix method, integral equations-finite elements

2002 - Analysis of ship collision resistance

2003 - Resonance frequencies calculation of a ship beam by the mix integral equations, finite elements

2004 - Versatile equipment for moulding very large GRP pieces, case of small seacraft

2005 - Non destructives techniques for composite materials and possible use in military shipbuilding

2006 - The potential toxic risk as a choice test of fitting materials in the navy

2007 - Defects appeared in service on tubes of a steam generator of the advanced stokehold prototype (CAP), lessons from the metallurgical and thermohydraulic analysis

2008 - Experimental study of the limits of the Morison equation applied to a uniformly accelerated circular cylinder in a fluid

2009 - Calculation of three-dimensional unsteady flows around lifting surfaces and application on marine propellers.

2010 - Calculation of wave resistance by Rankine source method for several typical ship hulls

2011 - Shape’s optimisation of a forebody in respect of the risk of cavitation

2012 - Conversion of a methane carrier into a floating storage with vaporizer

2013 - Analysis of damages on a 160000 dwt ore/oil ship.

2014 - Statistical researches of ship plates deformations

2015 - The structural ground tests of planes at the testing aeronautic centre of Toulouse

2016 - Hydrodynamic behaviour study of self-propelling large floating doors for tides, storm lock-gates and barriers

2017 - Economic prospect of container transport by river-maritime line from inland ports

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