Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-85 - Year : 1985

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 85. Session de 1985

1978 - New technologies contribution to the future of the shipbuilding and shipping

1979 - The SM 97 deep submergence vehicle.

1980 - Gm-meter, automatic instrument for continuous measurement of ship's stability

1981 - Deterministic nonlinear rolling: a critical review

1982 - Fluctuating hydrodynamic loads applied to a ship propeller

1983 - A 3 D method to compute added resistance in wave

1984 - Study of cavitating flows around axisymetric troncated-rear bodies, including gravity effect

1985 - Oscillating waterwall phenomenon: an application to coastal protection against wave action.

1986 - Energy saving in shipping, AFME policy

1987 - Ship behaviour of a ship on longitudinal waves modelling, model sensitivity to some identification parameters

1988 - A new generation of methane carriers

1989 - Feasibility study of an immersed dredger adapted for small depth

1990 - Modern method for the certification of deepwater fixed platforms structures

1991 - Fatigue damage calculation under random loading - Actual methods and future prospects

1992 - Dynamic computation up to high frequencies of a three dimensional beam network

1993 - Angular criteria for the stability of a helical vortex or a pair of rectilinear vortices - Role of the privileged angles in the optimization of wings sails, hulls in airplanes and ships.

1994 - Stability and coupling of crossflow fans

1995 - Simulations in real and accelerated time - A computer study of a Ro/Ro vessel entering different port configurations

1996 - Composite material in military shipbuilding

1997 - Composite radomes

1998 - Contribution to the working out of cathodic protection system by imposed current for the French navy surface ships

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