Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-78 - Year : 1978

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 78. Session de 1978

1804 - Brard praise

1805 - The future of deep submarine technology

1806 - Some comments concerning ship manoeuvring tests

1807 - Reflexions about the French studies on ship wave resistance computation

1808 - Motions of floating bodies due to regular wave action

1809 - Comparative analysis of numerical methods for dynamic analysis of structures

1810 - Integral equation method in elastoviscoplasticity - Application to the stress concentrations

1811 - Elasto-plastic buckling of a submarine hull

1812 - Vibration of large structures in the sea

1813 - Analysis of hydrodynamically induced vibrations in an experimental structure at sea: a directional method

1814 - Study of forces and water movements around piles of an offshore structure in oscillatory flow

1815 - Simulation in laboratory of the in-service conditions

1816 - Found difficulties for the selection of steel for mooring non magnetic chains

1817 - Cuproaluminium cast components - Rules to be repected to provide products of quality

1818 - Study of stresses induced by pressure in a PWR vessel by photoelastic method and comparison with the computation by finite elements

1819 - Contribution to the study of in-service cracking of journal piece treated by hardening

1820 - Analysis of a compressor blade with a tridimensional photoelasticimeter

1821 - Improvement in escape techniques from a depth of 300 m

1822 - Study of the dynamical behaviour of immersed cables

1823 - On the dynamic behaviour of an underwater flexible pipe

1824 - Deformations analysis in longitudinal bulkhead plating

1825 - Theoretical and experimental research about the stress concentration in the vicinity of the hatch openings of type ORE-OIL and OBO ships

1826 - Investigation to estimate the grounding length of a ship

1827 - Comparison of the performance of centrifugal compressors with the same impeller and various radial inducers

1828 - Diesel engine cooling water treatment

1829 - Operation monitoring system for medium speed diesel engine

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