Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-77 - Year : 1977

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 77. Session de 1977

1780 - Method of definition of an anchoring system applied to oil production vessels and floating structures

1781 - The CYCLONET: a device for removing oil slick from the water surface

1782 - Characteristics of boats and canals adapted to the inland navigation evolution

1783 - Contribution to the study of the dynamic of ship transporting liquids: calculation by finite elements of the internal added masses

1784 - Determination of the added hydrodynamic mass in ship vibrations

1785 - Ship vibrations: difficulties of a numerical approach

1786 - On the dynamic analysis of a floating storage tank

1787 - Study of squat for ship in maritime channels exposed to waves

1788 - An adaptable estimation scheme for the filtering of the motions of ships in confused seas

1789 - Spectral non-linear calculation of the roll motion

1790 - Evolution of unsteady forces acting on a steam turbine blade out of optimum running conditions and different blunt nozzles

1791 - Test methods of blade grids in wind tunnel at ONERA

1792 - Computation of the screw propeller operating aft an axi-symmetric body

1793 - A device for aiding helicopter navigation and landing on offshore platforms

1794 - Conference on the new international competition context in matter of air transportation

1795 - Application of the forming of metals by explosion in shipbuilding

1796 - Stainless steel propellers - Tests carried out by the French Navy

1797 - Calculation of Ro-Ro ship deck plating subjected to wheel loading

1798 - In-service inspection of the reactor pressure vessel in nuclear submarines

1799 - Some hydro-aerodynamics problems specific to NES/AQL

1800 - Mixed ventilated foils

1801 - Prediction of the dangers of hydrofoil fluttering

1802 - Optimum speed of an air-cushion vehicle: application to the hovercraft N 500

1803 - Water-jet propulsion for non-conventional marine vehicles

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