Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-70 - Year : 1970

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 70. Session de 1970

1579 - Some applications of the Castaing microsensor to the metallurgy

1580 - The international conference on tonnage measurement of ships held in London in 1969

1581 - Docking a supertanker in Le Havre harbour

1582 - Automatic navigation system used on the Institut Français du Pétrole ship Florence

1583 - Calculation of stresses in plane structures by an equivalent truss system method

1584 - Contribution to the solution of the problem of the strengthening of the openings in the pressure vessels

1585 - Hull ship scantling calculations - Present evolution of methods

1586 - Description and trials results of a new active anti-rolling stabilizer

1587 - Real and apparent components of the resistance of surface ships

1588 - Analysis of the result of sea trials of recent ships - Comparison with predictions from model test

1589 - Hydrofoil ships studies at the Bassin d'essais des Carenes

1590 - Optimization of the automatic control chain by the tangent model

1591 - Design and construction of unit for the automatic depth control of a stopped submarine - Application to the SNLE Le Redoutable type

1592 - The building of the wet submarine Total Sub 01

1593 - Measurements in short run duration hypersonic wind tunnels

1594 - Aircraft simulation: aims and means - Application to the development of a programme Concorde

1595 - Norsial-Veras or modern technology and new structures applied to hypersonic wing-sustained flights

1596 - Model tests of the fundamentals of marine propeller stresses and their extrapolation

1597 - Oscillating blades propeller - Operating conditions : non uniform-wake

1598 - Calculation of the effect of wind on four types of ships, based on wind tunnel test

1599 - Synthetic material lifeboats built in Poland

1600 - Use of computers in the shipbuilding industry

1601 - Joining a ship afloat

1602 - Building and commissioning of the two methane carriers Polar Alaska and Arctic Tokyo

1603 - Fundamental studies of air cushion vehicles dynamic stability with integrated pneumatic suspension

1604 - Improvements to air cushion vehicles techniques to make these craft competitive in commercial operations

1605 - Atomic clocks synchronization experiments carried out by O N E R A for improving localization procedures

1606 - Research on friction resistance reduction in hydrodynamics

1607 - Dynamic behaviour of oceanographic buoys

1608 - Acceleration potential method for the calculation of supercaviting finite wings

1609 - Calculation of the subcaviting marine propeller by the method of singularities

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