Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-65 - Year : 1965

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 65. Session de 1965

1431 - Contribution to the schematic study of long range semi-ballistic trajectories

1432 - Marine gear boxes test

1433 - Stress measurements on a propeller model for a 42000 ton tanker

1434 - Free piston dual-fuel engines and their applications

1435 - Cruise liner sailing-yacht hulls [Part II] 

1436 - Automation of tanker Roger Gasquet - Purpose, concept, realization

1437 - Automatic bridge control of speed on S S tanker Sivella

1438 - Hydraulic and electro-hydraulic remote control of the cargo and ballast valves on tankers on bulk-carriers

1439 - Looking for the origins of the failure of a large marine engine crankshaft

1440 - Cylinder of revolution under internal pressure

1441 - Remarks on various failures of light alloy pistons for diesel engines

1442 - Problems arising from the use of cryogenic liquids in a launch vehicle

1443 - Turbulence and airplane behaviour

1444 - Calculation and test of the propeller tanks of the French ballistic missiles

1445 - Aerodynamic problem set by the launching of a missile

1446 - On a remarkable application of the theory of the characteristic ellipse of the load condition of a ship 

1447 - A practical method to calculate the lines of equal pressure for a hull with a linearized potential

1448 - Automatic calculation of moorings with various fixed points

1449 - Braking of large ships [III] - Use of the steering wheel

1450 - Experimental verification of a calculating method for corrugated bulkheads with vertical troughs

1451 - Longitudinal strength - Direct calculation of the bending moment and of the shearing stress of the cargo ships in view of its programming

1452 - Bending stresses of a ship at sea - Connection with pitching and external conditions

1453 - Material selection in marine environment

1454 - The mobil refrigerating plant Boree - Contribution to the problem of sea carriage of liquified gases

1455 - Application of high density polyurethane foams in shipbuilding

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