Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-63 - Year : 1963

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 63. Session de 1963

1366 - Jean Latty [1888-1962]

1367 - Jean-Paul Ricard [1902-1963]

1368 - Hazardous locations and electrical equipment on board merchant ships

1369 - Some hydrodynamical problems related to shaft brackets

1370 - The braking of large vessels [II] - Influence of hydrodynamic brake-flaps on the course-stability

1371 - Unsteady two-dimensional motion of variable profile

1372 - A new approach to the experimental determination of the form effect of the ship hulls using results about transition

1373 - Control of welds of mooring chain links by utrasonic testing

1374 - Lamb waves in uses for ultrasonic testing of butt welded joints on thin steel sheets

1375 - Application of the replica method to the metallographic controls applied to in-service plane components

1376 - Non destructive testing of the thickness of the hardened coat on the surface of the journal piece of crankshaft treated by superficial hardening

1377 - Damage by fracture of journal pieces of crankshafts superficially hardened during erroneous use leading to moderate overheating

1378 - Torsional vibrations calculations of shafting transmitting a torque with cyclic variation

1379 - Stress calculation in shells of revolution with, or linearly variable thickness, or conical or troncated cone parts

1380 - Material stresses measured in full size in the root of a propeller blade on a tanker of 42 000 T

1381 - About the impact of the hydrogen occluded in the laid down metal, particular to steel welded joints

1382 - Refrigeration on ship carrying pressurized liquefied gas

1383 - Protection of the underwater hull of the liner France during the equipment at quay

1384 - The performances of the passenger liner France - Sea trials and results of one year service

1385 - A comparison between model tests and sea trial results of the liner France

1386 - The fans of the large S l sonic wind tunnel at the O N E R A test center at Modane

1387 - Safety and maintenance of transport airplane prevision for supersonic aircraft

1388 - How much technical documentation in aircraft operation and maintenance

1389 - Seakeeping requirements for a helicopter intended for the Navy and hydrodynamic testing of the Super Frelon helicopter

1390 - On the development of the valveless pulsejet

1391 - Protection against corrosion of the rotor of Turbomeca Marbore II auxiliary jet engine on the Nord 2 500

1392 - Contribution to the study of power losses in spiral bevel gear assembly

1393 - Contribution to the study of supersonic ejectors

1394 - Investigations about an extended surface exchanger

1395 - Data loggers and digital computers in data handling and automation of merchant ships

1396 - Comparison between performances and construction price for two series of thirty foot crafts, made of wood or plastic

1397 - Shock tests on ships - Method of measurement and data treatment

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