Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-57 - Year : 1958

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 57. Session de 1958

1207bis - Georges RACLOT (1874-1957), Vice-President of the Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

1207ter - Rolland BORIS (1877-1957)

1208 The aircraft carrier in 1958

1209 - Diesel-Electric propulsion

1210 - Radio targeting device

1211 - Treatment of water for marine nuclear facilities

1212 - Note on a wooden trawler collision

1213 - Underwater television

1214 - The naval test station of distillers

1215 - Influence of conditions of service on the propulsion. Experimental determination on the Canigou cargo

1216 - Tests of marine reduction gears

1217 - The use of oil of boiler in ship propulsion Diesel engines

1218 - Recent applications of fast four stroke Diesel engines for the propulsion of ships . Contribution to the study of the operation of these engines with heavy fuel oil

1219 - Analysis and meaning of trials at short and medium terms in the statistical study of the constraints suffered by the ship at sea

1220 - Experimental study of the influence of the not on the tensile strength of bolted joints of large diameter cyclic assemblies

1221 - Measure of angle of torsion of a shaft line

1222 - The theory of the collapse and its possibilities

1223 - Studies on free modelof flight dynamics

1224 - Unsteady aerodynamic coefficients in two-dimensional transonic flow

1225 - The laminated glass. Phenolic resins

1226 - Use of annular diaphragms at intake to the control of unsteady flows in axial multi-stage compressors

1227 - Analysis of losses in the various bodies of a centrifugal compressor

1228 - Research of the causes of damage of the mechanism of a Sonar

1229 - Detection of the detachments of anti-friction by nondestructive way

1230 - Comments on dynamic tests of specimens to high stresses or stress concentration

1231 - Study on model of levels of stress around the recesses in the soul of the longitudinal ribs

1232 - Identification of the nature of the defects detected with ultrasound in the joints welded to freeboard

1233 - Changes in ventilation and conditioning of air of military surface ships

1234 - Practical results and thoughts about certain facilities of air conditioning of ships

1235 - Air conditioning on the vessels of regular lines. Study of external conditions. Particular case of the lines of the North Atlantic and the Persian Gulf

1236 - Calculation of moments of outbreaks of side wind on a ship

1237 - A new type of vessel for the transport of goods in bulk: Universal Bulk Carrier

1238 - Influence of conditions of use on the choice of the features of alternators and their construction

1239 - Reflections on electric equipment able to equip ships and to ensure their safety

1240 - Electrical equipment with alternative current. Energy production at sea by the main engine

1241 - The insulation control of the electrical installations

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