Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-52 - Year : 1953

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 52. Session de 1953

1047 - Criticism of the sea trials

1048 - Comparative study of cargo ships

1049 - Statistical study of servo systems

1050 - Profiles for aerodynamics in parametric coordinates. Conformal transform of these profiles into a circle

1051 - Approximate method of calculation of the effectiveness of the acoustic treatment of aircraft cabin

1052 - The stability criteria

1053 - Influence of the estimation error of the advance speed of a propeller behind a given hull

1054 - Influence on the pitch of a propeller of the offset of the trailing edge of its wings sections

1055 - Simplified method for the preliminary determination of the power of the engine of single propeller vessels

1056 - Comparison of the test results at sea and in towing tank of the ships Flandre and Antilles

1057 - At sea trials and model tests of Provence and Bretagne liners

1058 - The sea trials of the combined liner Ferdinand de Lesseps

1059 - Results in control of welds by Gamma Rays

1060 - The current development of radiographic techniques in shipbuilding

1061 - A few comments on the bolted joints subjected to cyclical forces

1062 - Experimental contribution to the problem of the piping flanges

1063 - Comparison of the use of direct current and alternating current on the Ferdinand de Lesseps class of combined ships

1064 - The Thermodynamics of internal combustion engines

1065 - Static and dynamic calibration of the torsiometres

1066 - Test of an acceleration grid in a compressible fluid

1067 - Some current research on turbomachinery

1068 - Facilities improving the handling on board and exploitation of commercial vessels

1069 - Standardization of shipbuilding plates

1070 - Contribution to the study of the loss coefficient by the walls of a ship

1071 - Distribution of tensions in the wall of wavy piping of steam pipes

1072 - Experimental verification of the isotropy of the flexibility of the pipes with skewed average line

1073 - Trend of the ships to enter in turn under the influence of the propellers

1074 - Observations on the hulls breaking tests

1075 - Study of a case of brittle failure, damage to the Grenoble

1076 - On the weakening of the resistance of the decks of vessel in the area of openings and on upgrades to make

1077 - Towing by heavy sea

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