Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-51 - Year : 1952

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 51. Session de 1952

1015 - The aircraft Carrier in 1952

1016 - Experimental study of the levels of tension on the edge of a frame fixed on a shell subjected to a pressure of fluid

1017 - Experimental contribution to the study of the elastic behavior of pressure vessels

1018 - On the possibility of repairing the external washout appeared in service in the wall of pressure gaz vessels

1019 - Some formulas of strength of materials regarding isostatic and hyperstatic beams for the use of shipbuilding engineering offices

1020 - Corrosion under tension and bursting of vessels for compressed gases

1021 - The stato effect and its impact on the performance of the thrusters at very high flying speeds

1022 - On the optimum compression ratio of turboprops or gas turbines

1023 - Architecture and operation of the air ship

1024 - Harmonic study of aircraft

1025 - The knowledge of the evolution of the structure of some modern alloys, key factor of safety in their use

1026 - The go container

1027 - Evolution in the design of electric winches on merchant ships in the French construction

1028 - Handling and stowage of the goods

1029 - Handling of the goods on board ships

1030 - Loading and unloading of ships carrying packages of primeurs, bananas and various goods through the use of continuous handling equipment with pockets

1031 - Determination of (r - a). Preservation of the ship and of human lives at sea

1032 - Calculation of the thrust of the cavitating propeller

1033 - Add-in on the formula of the slip of a propeller working in different conditions

1034 - Approximate calculation of couples on the spindle and the pressure on the rudder of a ship

1035 - Study on model of a speedboat

1036 - Calculation of flooding of a boat for the longitudinal and transversal slants using Bonjean curves

1037 - On the development of compressors and turbines

1038 - Marine gas turbine without heat recovery

1039 - Theoretical considerations on the strip permanent flow and the phenomenon of thermal obstruction

1040 - Influence of loss of profile on the mean flow behind a wheel of axial compressor

1041 - A few comments on the masts of cargo fixed by shrouds

1042 - Some ideas on the evolution of the superstructure of ships, with special mention for windows

1043 - Fatigue criteria for modern tankers

1044 - The engine tanker Berenice of 31 640 tons deadweight

1045 - The engine tanker Berenice of 31 640 tons deadweight

1046 - Realization of a bow in laminated wood for a 45 m ship

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