Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-48 - Year : 1949

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 48. Session de 1949

913 - The International Conference for the protection of human life at sea: the new London convention (June 10, 1948)

914 - Calculations of subdivision and stability of commercial damage vessels

915 - Construction with prefabricated elements of series of river barges

916 - Contribution to the study of prefabrication of welded elements

917 - Experience of management of the Cherbourg Naval shipyard on the prefabrication of the hulls of small welded ships

918 - The prefabrication in naval construction: its influence on the organization and the production of a site

919 - On the conditions of occurence of semi-fragiles tears

920 - Toxicity of the paintings of hulls: simplified dirt nomenclature and notation

921 - Application of harmonic methods to the flight mechanics

922 - Landing in poor visibility

923 - Considerations on steering systems

924 - Stability and stabilization of the aerodynes

925 - Study of the equivalence of tests in short-circuit current alternative low voltage and low frequency compared to the short-circuit test with direct current

926 - Use of the fuel oil in Marine Diesel engines

927 - Use armored cables with mineral insulation on board ships

928 - Energy of the exhaust gas and electric auxiliaries of tankers

929 - Theoretical and practical considerations on the marine sounding hardware

930 - Practical application of compressed air in the Navy for the unsinkableness and pumping

931 - Note on the course stability of ships

932 - Roll with advance speed

933 - Remarks on the sea-keeping

934 - The current state of the wave resistance calculations

935 - Waves, roll, pitch, stabilization

936 - Enhancements of the magnetic compass of compensating systems of measurement of field devices

937 - Contribution to the experimental study of supersonic flow; application to steam ejectors

938 - Chronophotographic visualization of air flow

939 - Axial turbo-machinery-related problems

940 - The alliance of the gas turbine and the steam engine

941 - The performance of free piston gas generators: theoretical considerations and experimental results; prospects for the future

942 - Study of a theoretical and average current in a rotor with radial pallets

943 - Graphical method for determination of eigenfrequencies of torsion of the shaft lines

944 - Calculation of the natural frequency of vibrations by bending of hollow beams

945 - Determination of the frequencies of vibrations of torsion of the shaft lines through an electrical analogy

946 - On the ability to calculate the critical pressure of buckling of the envelopes of revolution using the principle of Lagrange

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