Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-41 - Year : 1937

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 41. Session de 1937

714 - Comparison of tests of a sailboat on model and full-size

715 - Interpretation of the tests of model propellers in the cavitation tunnel. Comparison with sea trials

716 - Recent experiences at the National Physical Laboratory (Teddington). Critical review of the fundamental principles of the elementary theory of viscosity and of a technique of lubricating.

717 - First elements relating to the establishment of a technique of the pads

718 - Remarks about the superheater steam generators

719 - Convection and losses. Relative validity of the theoretical formulas

720 - Notes on the infIuence of the oxydule on the properties of the boards in red copper and a method of controlling the desoxydulation of copper

721 - Presentation and experimental verification of a method of calculation of the natural frequency of vibration of a straight beam with variable section

722 - Loads of collapse of a structure and the mechanics of waves

723 - Improvement of the method of determination of the extremes of tension in the axisymetric shafts subjected to torsion by means of an electric model

724 - A new test bench for materials in dynamic fatigue test

725 - Remarks on the calculation of thin pipes under pressure

726 - Contribution to the study of plastic deformation

727 - Standardization in mechanical industries

728 - Notes on the constraint of the teeth in the aircraft gearboxes

729 - First results using the aerodynamic balance with 6 components in the wind tunnel in Chalais-Meudon

730 - Results of measures in flight of the torque of a motor at various altitudes

731 - The compromise and the extreme solutions

732 - Contribution to the study of long-range aircraft at economic regime

733 - The flying aircraft carrier

734 - Contribution to the study of the stability of the aircraft

735 - Turn, and the aircraft's stability

736 - Notes on the mechanism of eliminating air in the surface condensers

737 - Notes about warming of the water supply in marine steam installations

738 - Experimental explanation of an abnormal case of torsional oscillations damping

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