Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-39 - Year : 1935

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 39. Session de 1935

656 - Albert Lhomme (1856-1934)

657 - Gaston Menier (1855-1934)

658 - The works on structures and the construction of the great liners

659 - The stabilization of the ship underway in rough sea

660 - Gyrostat

661 - Pitch and seakeeping

662 - New experiences on the transitional efforts suffered during the changes of incidence

663 - Servo-control. General theory. The servo-controled fly-by

664 - The sea tests of fast ships and cavitation

665 - Mathematical study of flows in a regime of cavitation

666 - Damping effect of the propeller on the oscillations of torsion of the shaft lines

667 - Employment practice of the Fourier series. Tables of calculations

668 - Contribution to the study of the damage on turbines blades under the effect of the synchronous vibration generated by the distribution

669 - Notes about the internal temperature of bricks in the burner of small tubes boilers and the amount of heat stored in the brickmaking

670 - Notes on the application of graphic methods to calculate surface heat transfer and especially in boiler

671 - Radiation in oil-fired boilers

672 - Note concerning the determination of the efforts that originate in the walls of the tubes of small tubes boilers , crossed by an important heat flow

673 - Stability of a strip of sheet metal loaded up and embedded on both edges parallel to the direction of the effort

674 - The refit of the Turkish battleship Ymuz (ex German Cruiser Goeben)

675 - The rudder in antiquity

676 - The aircraft engine with heavy oil

677 - New research on fatigue of metal in aircraft construction

678 - Note on the length of the take-off of airplanes

679 - On the rotating blades

680 - The stationary flight and stabilization of rotating airfoils articulated by the periodic movements of their blades

681 - Main characters and interest of tailless aircraft

682 - The large wind tunnels. The large wind tunnel in Chalais-Meudon

683 - Notes about the vibrations of a Marine Diesel engine plate foundation

684 - Corrosion and tests of corrosion of steels

685 - Experiments on the interaction of the blades of a propeller on cavitation

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