Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-37 - Year : 1933

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 37. Session de 1933

600 - The life of Lucien Maurice, Ingénieur général du Génie maritime

601 - A short history of the use of projectors in the Merchant Marine, as well as for lighting channels

602 - Experiences on the safety of electrical installations onboard

603 - Considerations relating to electrical installations of ships

604 - Electric remote controls and their application to the continuous pointing

605 - Note on some peculiarities of onboard electric winches

606 - Two problems of twisted deformation of a flat annular beam

607 - Nickel and shipbuilding issues

608 - Additional experiments on fatigue in the expansion of the steam piping

609 - Fatigue and shear in ships

610 - Rafts and rescue gear, their installation and launch

611 - The problem of the treatment of water of boilers on ships

612 - Study of the launch of the liner Normandie

613 - Approximate calculation of roll on irregular swell

614 - Transients in the functioning of the rudders

615 - "Bailout of the hydrographic ship ""La Boussole"""

616 - Graphic hydrodynamics

617 - Note about the elasticity module to be used in the calculation of critical vibration of buckling of the shaft lines

618 - Contribution to the study of exhaust gases: formation of shockwaves in the pipes

619 - Contribution to the study of adaptations of the powertrains with two variables

620 - Air survey and beaconing of airports by acoustic signals

621 - Theoretical essay on the Vortex conditions downstream of the wing of finite span

622 - Remarks on the dimensions of the catamaran-type floats for seaplanes

623 - Dangerous speeds for the lifting wings

624 - New orientation of the helicopter problem

625 - About twist vibration of shaft lines driven by an internal combustion engine

626 - Supercharging of two stroke engines by exhaust gas energy recovery

627 - Mechanical injection of fuel in Diesel engines

628 - The combustion in Diesel engine with mechanical injection in connection with the progress of this type of engine,

629 - Use of vegetable oils as fuels in Diesel engines

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