Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-36 - Year : 1932

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 36. Session de 1932

568 - Charles Ferrand (1859-1931), his life and his works

569 - Ice fishing and freezer trawlers

570 - Modern means of rescue

571 - Diesel-electric propulsion of the special buildings

572 - Fatigue and movement of ships on water

573 - The possibilities of the Diesel engine to coal tar oil, without the use of special oil for ignition

574 - Study of the antiexplosive quality of a fuel engine based on the measurements of amounts of heat provided to the cooling water

575 - Biconical or curved parts loaded up

576 - Principles of adaptation of the powerplants of multi-engine airplanes by the graphical method with logarithmic scales

577 - Remarks on balancing the forces of inertia in the radial engines

578 - Some aspects of the art of the airship

579 - Study on a plane of the functioning of the powertrain and adaptation research

580 - Contribution to the experimental study of the acoustic survey by echoes onboard noisy aircraft

581 - Note on the lifting propellers at the fixed point and uniform translation movement

582 - Notes on thwater quenching of battens in wood of guaiac for pads of shaft lines

583 - Considerations on the roll

584 - Influence of forward motion of a ship on the roll-dampening

585 - Stability of the loading masts on board ships

586 - On the deformation and internal tensions of the pipes with a flat mean line

587 - Notes on the main damage by corrosion of condenser and refrigerant tubes in brass

588 - Use of non smooth tubes in the steam piping

589 - On a general problem of buckling of straight beams with constant section

590 - Buckling of straight beams by left deformation

591 - Notes on the vibration of submarine periscopes

592 - Oscillations of torsion of the shafts (calculation of amplitudes)

593 - Notes on the calculation of the critical speed of buckling of shaft lines

594 - Stability of a cylindrical shell with circular section subjected to external pressure

595 - Forms of hulls of least resistance

596 - Note on the theory of the propellers: calculation of torque and thrust; determination of local pressure; cavitation prevision

597 - The cavitation of the hulls (experimental study),

598 - Strip theory of ideal gas flows regimes in a nozzle or a diffuser

599 - Cavitation and regime change

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