Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-33 - Year : 1929

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique. Numéro 33. Session de 1929

479 - Study of the action of side wind on ships

480 - Characteristics and various locations of sound and ultrasonic devices aboard submarines and light ships

481 - Application of the Blondel-Rey law to the determination of the best optics for the strobe lights

482 - Notes about the formulas of wages

483 - Contribution to the theory of the propeller

484 - Repair of marine boilers by autogenous welding

485 - Note on execution of piping of steam at 44 kilograms, 450 degrees

486 - Note on a high vaporization marine boiler

487 - Transmission of heat from a hot gas to a tubular bundle normal to the flow

488 - The use of the logarithmic polar for the calculation of the performance of aircraft

489 - Considerations on the construction of the aviation fuel tanks

490 - The aerodynamic qualities of the aircraft and security

491 - Effects of ambient temperature on the operation of air-cooled engines

492 - The limit of compression in explosion engines

493 - Animal propulsion in fluid; possibility of application to the flight at variable speeds

494 - Determination of the number of critical turns and the distribution of torque caused by the torque vibrations along a shaft line or a shaft of a group of turbines

495 - Dynamic tests of the parts of machinery (vibrations and overspeed)

496 - The question of the use of heavy fuels in the combustion engine

497 - The issue of compounding and the supercharger of Diesel engine

498 - Note on the usual representation of the phenomenon of wake

499 - Some properties of the geometry of the hull

500 - Of some savings in ships operating expenses

501 - Tentative of a rational classification of warships

502 - The study of the action of the roll keels on the period of roll of vessels

503 - Gyration tets at sea

504 - Short theory of the oil film

505 - Contribution to the study of the shaft pads

506 - On the ultrasound mirage

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