Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique

Numéro : B-14 - Year : 1903

Bulletin de l'Association Technique Maritime. Numéro 14. Session de 1903

169 - A few remarks about the neutral points on the trim of vessels

170 - The theories of the shock and experience

171 - Hydrodynamic studies. Application of the theory of the source and wells. Extension to three dimensions

172 - Advance speed of the ship

173 - Note on drilling at the workshop

174 - Contribution to the improvement of marine generators with water tubes

175 - The steam turbines, and especially the Parsons turbines. Their application to the propulsion of ships

176 - Study on the consumption of the steam turbines, application to high-speed vessels

177 - Study on condensation of the marine machinery devices

178 - Note on the direction of rotation of the propellers, on ships with two propellers

179 - Determination of the elements of a helical propeller

180 - Interesting provisions in the record of the largest passengers and cargo ships of America

181 - On a special type of vessels intended for the carriage of grain or iron ore on the Great Lakes of North America

182 - Formulas for the establishment of a cargo-boat project

183 - Note on the construction and the sampling of vessels in inland navigation

184 - On the train-carrier boats

185 - Reflections on the tactical importance of battleships speed

186 - Use of the wireless telegraph. Transatlantic navigation. Collision

187 - Application of acetylene to the lighting of the lighthouses and buoys

188 - Report on a trip in Britain

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